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America: A Dream Come True Susan Haven

America: A Dream Come True

Susan Haven

Published January 16th 2006
ISBN : 9781413794335
348 pages
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 About the Book 

We traveled from Dodge City to the Grand Canyon, New York to San Francisco, New Orleans to Monument Valley, and Tombstone and Custers Last Stand to Alcatraz and the Alamo. Our luggage was left behind by an airline, we arrived at the wrong airport, Andy was taken to the hospital with an ear infection, a huge wolf spider was in our casita, a rental car gave me electric shocks, we used smelly holes in the ground for toilets, and we reflected on the horror of 9/11. From the fabulous sunset at the Grand Canyon to the sunrise in Monument Valley, the desolation of Death Valley to The Beauty of Canyon de Chelly and the Antelope Slot Canyon, I swam with dolphins, rode on ranches, met Texas Rangers, sat at South Forks breakfast table, walked around Elvis Graceland, rafted down the Colorado, and saw rodeos and a state fair. From the heat of Texas to the chill of Utah, I traveled by car, plane, and train.