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Guardians of Immortal Destiny Ruby Moon-Houldson

Guardians of Immortal Destiny

Ruby Moon-Houldson

Published July 22nd 2005
ISBN : 9781598240566
244 pages
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 About the Book 

Still riddled with guilt over their banishment from the upper realms, Jadyn struggles to come to terms with her feelings. She knows that Christopher thinks about his first home. She continues to blame herself for what had transpired in the upper realms over a thousand years ago. Jadyn and Christopher discover a hidden truth, a long devised conspiracy in which they have unknowingly been a part. This truth revealed, along with its implications will rock the present and the past to its very foundation. Jadyn and Christopher begin to question the past and demand an explanation for their trials and their suffering. Those who dwell in darkness - the Evil One and his followers - are desperately seeking a way to destroy the Guardian, the Pure Vampire, and their children. They learn the truth about the keys that will someday unlock the fate for Immortal Destiny and they attempt to destroy the keys. If they succeed then their place in the scheme of all evil will be forever assured. Journey to the upper realms and look upon the wondrous place that Jadyn and Christopher used to call home. Discover how Jadyn and Christopher were truly supposed to come together - what their role was to be as dictated since the beginning of their creation. Travel to the Arctic and witness a great battle to preserve the keys and the struggle to claim the right to command the gates to Immortal Destiny. Learn how the pure love that Jadyn and Christopher share has allotted them the title of Upper Realms Masters. Share in the love. Share in the magic. Discover many hidden truths in Guardians of Immortal Destiny.