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The Great Sea Serpent A.C. Oudemans

The Great Sea Serpent

A.C. Oudemans

Published August 1st 2007
ISBN : 9781602060128
444 pages
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 About the Book 

Mysterious and strange are the ocean depths, but pioneering cyptozoologist ANTOON CORNELIS OUDEMANS (1858-1943) attempted to bring some order to the realm with this 1892 survey of the reports of monsters of the sea, the first of its kind. Gathering sightings from around the globe and across the centuries, Oudemans eliminates the obvious hoaxes or honest mistakes and then, from dozens of legitimate sighting, draws conclusions about sea-serpent physiology, geographic distribution, and more. This astonishing book still influences thoughts and theories about the great unknowns in the oceans, says cryptozoologist Loren Coleman in his new introduction in this edition, part of Cosimos Loren Coleman Presents series.