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Egypts Ancient Calendars and Covenants Dennis J. Foley

Egypts Ancient Calendars and Covenants

Dennis J. Foley

Published February 26th 2012
Kindle Edition
172 pages
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 About the Book 

13 chapters, 58,500 words, this book includes the ‘Calendars’ and the ‘Covenants’ with their planned and timed reenactments and reincarnations, as begun by the Pyramid builders of the 4th through the 7th Dynasties of Egypt, and as maintained into the 17th C.A.D..The ‘Avatar Man’ Calendar begun by the founder of the 7th Dynasty, the Phallum Seta or Scythia who was the widow of Pharaoh Seth, circa the 2480s B.C., promoted the occurrence of a ‘One God Prophet’ every 780 years (half an Etanic Cycle of 1560 years). The Prophets and leaders Apophis, Elijah, John the Baptist, Mohammed the Prophet of Islam and al Mansur founder of the Second Caliphate, the exiled or Vic King Chlotar 111rd (Coatl), and finally Martin Luther, were of this Calendar’s timing and its lodge member efforts. The conflict between those influenced by this ‘Avatar Man’ Calendar verses the ‘August Man’ Calendar which requires a ‘Holy Family’ in its belief system, and which is described in Volume 11 ‘The Achaean Calendars and Their Sybil Wonder Child’, did eventually evolve into the ‘Warring Twins’, the two master Masonic orders. A history of their on going conflict to 2011 A.D., including the 09-11 events, is included in this Volume- the significance of the year 911 A.D. being explained. The last chapter of The Four Horsemen of 2013 concludes with the astronomy cycles which have begun to (again) destroy mans world.