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Heart Stoner Bingo Stephanie Gray

Heart Stoner Bingo

Stephanie Gray

Published January 1st 2007
ISBN : 9780977378616
82 pages
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 About the Book 

Poetry. Gay & Lesbian Studies. HEART STONER BINGO explores that nebulous and mysterious ground between pop culture, fact, fiction, and desire. Its prose poems riff and sample like a DJ on the flotsam and jetsam of colloquialisms lifted from the newspaper and speculation, a la language poetry. A beat, a sing-song, rap and repetition. Investigating the ground of the unknown and cracks and crevices lurking beneath the reading surface: a former heavy metal fan gets philosophical, a working-class-raised-now-academic reconciles a past--it happens in ways un-pedantic or in your face. The quiet moments bubble to the cap of the poems and lead to a real-world, real-time, real-people sophisticated epiphany. An elevation of high and low culture done wrong and rite at the same time.